I'd like to change the super+T that opens the trash to open the terminal, as i see the Ctrl+Alt+T un-needed because i hardly use the trash as much as i use the bash


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For that you will have to disable the super+T shortcut in compiz settings in the unity section then change the terminal shortcut in keyboard shortcuts to super+T.

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    There is no such option as disabling the super+T in CompizConfig Settings Manager > Ubuntu Unity Plugin. This is the case at least with my freshly installed 12.04 32-bit. Jan 22, 2013 at 14:24

There isn't an option to deselect super+T in the unity settings in Compiz.


I don't know if this would break some dependencies, but try this:

  1. Assign to unity launcher 'Ctrl+T' shortcut
  2. Assign back your desired key shortcut unity launcher.
  3. Now you can try to assign 'Ctrl+T' shortcut to terminal and etc.

Worked on 16.04.


In Ubuntu 22.04 I did it by going to Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Launchers -> Launch Terminal.

There I assigned it to Super + T.

Change super+t to open a terminal. Ubuntu Settings

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