I have a laptop and desktop running 14.04. I want to use Remmina to access either system depending on where I am. I want to be able to access them even when the other system is at the login screen.

I can access them using the VNC setting but not when a system is at the login screen. The response is "Unable to Connect to VNC Server". Presumably it is not started until after a login. Is there a setting for it to run all the time?

Is it not possible to use RDP between the two systems? I have connected to a Raspberry Pi using RDP but do not know what server it runs. Also to Windows XP. A reason for running RDP is to control the resolution of the remote system on the host monitors because the laptop has wide display. I tried xrdp but all I got was a funny white with black screen with a big X in the middle.


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you have two options here


  • using xRDP software (but you need to install and additional desktop environment such as mate,xfce,....). This alternate desktop will be used by xRDP software as xRDP on Ubuntu does not work with gnome or Unity

  • Configure your system to have the vncserver started at boot up so the service will be available to be used for you

To have a detailed step by step process, you can have a look at the following posts x11vnc at startup

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