I like lightdm and especially its webkit-greeter a lot. Is there a way to install kde without installing kdm and using lightdm instead?

I have tried everything from installing kdm and then remove it to dpkg-reconfigure kdm and lightdm to lightdm is the default. but I always got kdm when I boot up or a broken system, when I remove it completely.

Does anyone know how to get kde together with lightdm?

By the way. I am doing this on a minimal installation.


Since your initial setup is a minimal installation, I'll take Ubuntu 14.04.1 Server as the base OS.

After installation, all that you get is a command-line prompt without lightdm nor a desktop environment.

Open a user session and type the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lightdm-webkit-greeter --no-install-recommends
sudo apt-get install lightdm --no-install-recommends
sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop --no-install-recommends
sudo reboot

Now the lightdm greeter will open a kde plasma desktop:

enter image description here

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You can change the default greeter by changing the configuration file under the [SeatDefaults] section, to state:



Enabling lightdm

Make sure to enable lightdm.service using systemctl so lightDM will be started at boot.

Command line tool

Lightdm offers a command line tool, dm-tool which can be used to lock the current seat, switch sessions, etc, which is useful with window managers and for testing. To see a list of available commands, execute:

dm-tool --help
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