I just finished building myself a Ubuntu HTPC/Home server, and when I was setting it up, it was hooked to a 24" ASUS monitor using HDMI, no problem there, crystal clear image. But now that it's ready to roll, I've moved it to my TV (42" LG HDTV), still using HDMI for A/V link.

Here's my problem : my TV is identified by Ubuntu as a 7" screen, so the DPI is all messed up. I've tried looking online, and most people say it's an overscan issue, but I can still see all of the screen, it's just scaled terribly wrong :

enter image description here

Here's my setup :

  • MB : Asus H87M-E C2
  • CPU : Intel Pentium G3440
  • GPU : Integrated Intel HD Graphics
  • RAM : 4 Go DDR3

My question is : how can I fix the screen detection ? And if it's not possible, is this going to work ?

I am fairly new to the UNIX world, and I don't really know my way around things other than the basic terminal commands, so please dumb it down for me. Thanks !


After many research, this appears to be a bug in GNOME 3. This link offers a workaround, and while it's not perfectly sized, it's still an improvement from the previous scaling

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