How do I download more than one video with

 $ youtube-dl 

in Ubuntu 14.04? Even if I open another terminal and try to download a different video, it shows first downloading progress.

Is there any way to queue up downloads ?

  • as you have said that the second terminal also shows the same progress bar, i guess you should update the youtube-dl, the best option is try installing youtube-dl from pip
    – bolzano
    Jan 31 '15 at 9:12

you can download the whole youtube playlist with youtube-dl as

youtube-dl -cif <quality number> <url>


  c = continue the video download if it was paused
  i = ignore errors
  f = the quality of the video

this will download the whole playlist and if you closed and later started downloading it will download from where it was interrupted

and you can always do

man youtube-dl

As bolzano said, you just run youtube-dl with whatever options you're using, and then as many links as you want seperated by spaces.

For example:

youtube-dl -cif <link> <link> <link>

Would queue up the three youtube videos for download.

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