When I have e.g. Firefox open and I press the Super key, type 'firefox' my existing window is shown. Can I change this to open a new window, instead of the already opened?



You can start a new instance of a program just clicking on its launcher icon with your mouse middle button (usually it is a wheel that can also be clicked).

If you prefer the use of keyboard only, instead of pressing Enter, press Ctrl+Enter to launch a new instance of an application.

Few programs do not support more than one instance running at the same time. For example Firefox will tell you there is an instance already running if you try to launch a second one. But it works for most of programs.

  • Thank you for the great answer. However, the newer versions of the Firefox does not tell you and it opens the new instance. Mar 25 '17 at 11:42

Repeated answer here: How do I open a new instance of an application by default in GNOME?

You can configure this globally with a tweak extension.

You can press super , write tweak , open tweak tools.

Then go to "extensions" and enable "launch new instance"


Click HERE to see an example

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