Ubuntu provides "Ubuntu Core" rootfs for a range of architectures however the wiki page (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core) does not provide any information on how these rootfs are generated or what is the 'best' way to do so.

How can I go about generating my own?


I don't know for sure those images are prepared this way, but I would think the way you want to do this is to use the debootstrap program, which is the debian tool used to initialize a directory tree to contain the bare minimum set of files/packages to have a usable debian/ubuntu system. This is the tool used to do a by-hand install from another unix like OS, or to set up a chroot or pbuilder or other type of image. Either format a filesystem, mount it, and point debootstrap to that location, or create a regular directory that you will later convert to a filesystem image with e.g. mksquashfs. You can chroot into the directory and install additional packages after the debootstrap if you wish.

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