I am trying to dual boot my old PC (an Acer extensa e264) currently running Windows 8.1 with Ubuntu 14.04.

However, when I choose to install alongside Windows and continue, the installation CD is ejected and the screen remains black.

I have tried using different installation CDs and USB sticks and I've also tried Ubuntu Gnome 14.10.

How can I resolve this issue?

UPDATE: here is the link for the gParted screenshot and when 1 try to install Ubuntu on a partition




I'd the same probleme and I successed to solve this issue. The probleme is that your partition are certainly in MBR but, and I don't now how to explain clearly, it rest some GTP. Also try to do this command in the terminal:

sudo gdisk -l /dev/sda

It will show that GTP is present or exist.

After, do:

sudo fixparts /dev/sda

I hope I can help you.

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