I have a text editor - Textpad - on a windows machine and it's a powerful text editor with very useful features, but it has no Linux port.

I was just wondering if I could find an equivalent that I could use for Ubuntu.

These features in particular are what I'm looking for the most:

  • The ability to maintain block indents / block select / block editing
  • Regular expression based search and replace, including multiline regex
  • Macro recording feature to facilitate complex text transformations and data processing
  • Line/Row sorting based on values in a specified column/position
  • Bookmarking of lines, therefore allowing users to copy specific lines and then paste them to another document
  • Support for editing multiple files, with tabbed document selection

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VIM has all of these features but I'm quite sure emacs has them as well.

Both exist for Linux / Windows / OSX. and can be run as a desktop app or in terminal.

Be advised they both have a high initial learning curve
But its well worth the effort!

Pick your poison.

  • As as side note, gVim may ease the transision to Vim
    – julka
    Jan 27, 2015 at 13:51

My personal preferred editor is nedit. It is similar to gedit, but seems to have better better plugins on languages and more macro support.

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