I have installed oracle jdk7 from the WebUpd8team PPA and it's working just fine, now I want to run a 32bit game (Dwarf fortress with dfhack, for those who know it) and that requires gcc-4.9:i386 which depends on binutils:i386, but jdk7 depends on binutils (the 64bit version) and those two seem to be in conflict, cause when I try to install one it removes the other one. Is there a way to have both jdk7 (64bit) and gcc-4.9:i386 at the same time on Ubuntu 14.04 x64


First of all, are you sure you mean JDK7? That came out quite a while ago. We're late into JDK8.

Second, have you tried installing ia32-libs yet? It has technically been removed from the central repos (Canonical, etc.); but its jobs is to act as a crutch for strictly 32-bit programs that need to run on 64-bit systems. Details here: How to compile and install ia32-libs in Ubuntu 14.04?

Hopefully Dwarf Fortress will implement some support for 64-bit architectures eventually, though. I remember having a similar problem with Steam's buggy support for 64-bit Flash; thankfully it was eventually fixed.

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