I am new to Ubuntu and experiencing an issue after below mentioned action performed.

  • installed Ubuntu (dual boot) in windows 7
  • created username "aslam" while installing Ubuntu (everything running fine)
  • changed display username from aslam to ashahid using user management window in IDE (running fine)
  • tried to change core username via terminal from "aslam" to "ashahid" to match login username using a command (probably usernmode -l oldusername newusername)
  • then i came to know about a command KILLALL which i used for currently logged in user :-(

After last step when I tried to reboot, the login screen was showing username "ashahid" but password not accepted. I tried to go through Recovery Mode and root login, there was still listed /home/aslam but still unable to login.

Please help......


Let's compare this to a real life example:

  • You went to the local government to change your name
  • you filled in the forms, but did the change yourself (logged in as yourself, IDE user management)
  • you went behind the counter and filed all documents yourself as well (logged in as yourself: usernmode -l oldusername newusername)
  • then you shot yourself in the head (kill all for the currently logged in user)
  • And now, being dead, you're trying to operate on yourself at home without a doctor?

Nah, that one won't work...

You can recover using the root password see this answer but the easiest thing to do now is to read this Q&A (you're user type 4) and re-install and do it right the first time, and create 2 users while you're at it!

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