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I want to ask how to install package in Ubuntu 14.04 using terminal I need a command to do that and also a command that works with most of package to install

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You can install applications with apt-get, Like so:

sudo apt-get install firefox
  • sudo

    • Ask for root(administrator) privileges for:
  • apt-get

    • It is the tool that installs your software with the
  • install parameter

    • The install parameter installs the following application:
  • firefox

    • Mozilla Firefox, a free and open-source web-browser build to make the Internet free and accessible to anyone.

Other - but not all - parameters you can add to apt-get

  • update

    • To update your sources list
  • upgrade

    • To upgrade your applications to the newest versions
  • dist-upgrade

    • upgrade your entire distribution: applications, system software etc.
  • remove

    • To remove the selected application(e.g sudo apt-get remove firefox)
  • purge

    • To not only remove the applications binaries but also it's configuration files.


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