I have Ubuntu installed on a rather small SSD. I want to be able to install Windows programs using Wine, but they have to be installed on the HDD.

By default, Wine creates a folder in the home directory /home/<user>/.wine where the installed Windows programs are saved. I want to change this to another location, such as /media/HDD/.wine

Is there any possibility to achieve this in a simple way?


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I looked in the "configure Wine" window, but to change the C directory is greyed out:

enter image description here

Simple solution: a link

What simply works however is:

  • Move the folder drive_c from ~/.wine/ to any accesible location of your choice (The c-drive is probably what you really want to move, since applications are stored in that directory)

  • Make a link from there into the folder ~/.wine/:

      ln -s /path/to/the_other_location/drive_c ~/.wine

That should simply work (and it does on my system)

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    Does it still work if I move the folder on an NTFS drives? I mean, the file on an NTFS drive are all "777" by default; does it raise security concerns?
    – tigerjack
    Apr 27, 2016 at 10:47

I found the answer on Can I store the virtual Windows installation somewhere other than ~/.wine? - FAQ- WineHQ Wiki as Panther commented above.

  1. Just enter this command, but replace "~/.wine-new" with directory you want:

    export WINEPREFIX=~/.wine-new
  2. Then you can use standard command for your custom wine prefix, e.g.:

    wine winecfg

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