I have Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop edition in my laptop. I need to install vnc on it. I have downloaded VNC for Linux Debian-compatible installer 64-bit. I have no idea about how to install it because I'm new to Linux environment. I have google and find lot of tutorials about how to install vnc on Ubuntu 14.04 Server edition. But unable to find how to install vnc downloaded from realvnc site on Ubuntu Desktop edition.

I need a help to install RealVNC on my Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop edition.


Ubuntu comes with a VNC client pre-installed, so you don't actually have to download or install anything. It's called Remmina and is pretty awesome. At least, I haven't had any problems with it. I can control all the PC's on my LAN including the Windows machines as well as tunnel a VNC session through SSH in order to securely connect to my work computer over the internet.

Ubuntu also has a VNC server pre-installed. To set it up just search for "desktop sharing".

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  • Cool! Glad I could help. – the.laurence Jan 23 '15 at 22:18

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