My machine reported a bug to Launchpad, which was then marked as a duplicate of another bug. I am now getting comments from everybody on that bug, and there are a lot of them. How do I unsubscribe?


Short version:

  • Visit the original bug (the one your bug has been marked a duplicate of)
  • Add /+subscribe to the end of the URL and follow the instructions

Long version:

Locate the unsubscribe link on the bug page:

  • Visit the original bug (the one your bug has been marked a duplicate of)
  • Scroll down and look on the right for a box that starts "You are [PENCIL ICON] subscribed..."
    • This is under the long "Duplicates of this bug" list and above the long "Other bug subscribers" list
    • You can add #portlet-subscription to the end of the bug URL to jump there automatically. For example, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-331-updates/+bug/1268257#portlet-subscription

To simply unsubscribe:

  • Click the "Mute bug mail" link

For other options:

  • Click "Edit bug mail"
  • Pick an option (I've highlighted two that might be helpful):
    • Mute all emails from this bug
    • Receive all emails about this bug
    • Subscribe to all notifications except comments for this bug
    • Only receive an email when the bug is closed
  • Click on "Other subscriptions"
    • You may want to unsubscribe from these too

Additional notes:

Avoid posting any comments yourself, unless in response to a developer needing information in order to fix the bug. Even if others post inflammatory comments.

You may want to consider updating the description to direct others, as I have done in the linked bug. But I'm not actually sure about the policy on this.

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