I can't seem to find a way to add locations to the folders located inside of my home folder. Why is that? And what do I need to do to accomplish this task, if it can be done?


Yes: I have the same thing: on my local HDD I have the videos I still have to watch, and on my NAS I have the videos I have already watched. When I'm home, and the NAS is mounted I see them all, when on the road, I only see the ones on my local HDD.

How to do this? Every time I move a Video directory to the NAS, I go to a terminal and do:

cd ~/Videos
md /media/user/Video_Archive/Summer_2014/
mv Summer2014/* /media/user/Video_Archive/Summer_2014/
rmdir Summer2014
ln --symbolic /media/user/Video_Archive/Summer_2014/

(actually I have a script called av (for Archive Video) that loops through the command-line parameters and moves them in one go, but you could also do the moves and create links with the file manager too)

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