I need some help recover files from a partially overwritten partition.

I will start with what happened. I was trying to make a image out of my hard drive using dd, but I found somewhere online that using pv would tell me the best bs count to make the copy, what it didn't say was that it would make the copy.

I ran the following command:

pv < /dev/sda > /dev/sdc

When I realized what was going on I stopped it, but it had already written around 1GB. I would like to recover the files that were not written over, I suspect those that were are long gone.

If someone knows a way I would be thankful.

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    Have a search for Testdisk and a manual/howto for it. – Rinzwind Jan 20 '15 at 19:47

There is no 100% satisfactory solution to your problem right now, only workarounds. and the one resource that is going to help you now is testdisk. Furthermore, there is really only one thing I can advise you now: stop writing to the disk, preferably take a clone and work from the clone.

Why? Well if someone comes up with a better idea then testdisk , you can start the process over again with a fresh clone!

For the future:

  1. Remember that dd is the abbreviation of Disk Destroyer.
  2. Read the following Q&A: You're definitely user type 4.

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