I try to open Chrome on Ubuntu 14.04 but it doesn't open. I tried to reinstall it twice but no luck. Has anyone the same issue? Thanks


[UPDATE: Apparently, "switching my computer off and switching it back on again" worked for me. However, I don't like errors which randomly disappear; they have a nasty habit of randomly reappearing.]

I'm seeing this too. This is Google Chrome 39.0.2171.99-1 on Ubuntu 14.04. Attempting to run in terminal produces

/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable: line 83: /chrome: No such file or directory

and I have to terminate manually with Ctrl+C. As far as I can tell, there's no previous version available in the repository for a downgrade (followed the instructions here).

(Would post this as a comment except that, for some reason, SE insists that you have to have reputation to comment, which seems... counter-productive.)

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