Can I execute searches via submitting URL (may be with special syntax) rather than typing in words in Google (or other search engine) form?




... in the address bar launches the search in firefox.

The same from bash:
firefox 'https://www.google.se/?gfe_rd=cr&safe=off#safe=off&q=mamas%20and%20papas'
... note the use of '-quotes, as & and # are special to bash.

%20 is the hex code for a space. Example: echo "Test text" | od -t x1z - will tell you what the codes are for "Test text" and the appended linefeed.


If you are using Firefox:

You can define a keyword for any search field. Typing the keyword followed by your search terms into the address bar will then execute a search.

Quoting the instructions from my answer on Super User:

  1. Right-click on any input field.

  2. Select "Add a keyword for this search…" (or similar).

  3. Enter the shortcurt (and optionally: edit the generated search URL to include pre-defined search terms).

This will save a bookmark in a folder of your choice. You could manually edit this bookmark to change the keyword or the search URL.

Example: If you right-click into the search field of this site, Ask Ubuntu, and associate the keyword au, you can enter the following into the address bar to search for "foobar" on Ask Ubuntu:

au foobar

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