Xen newbie question :
I've installed last ubuntu xen and openxenmanager on my Intel I5 64bit workstation with default configuration and after rebooted on xen grub choice :

cylere@lalla:~$ ps -ef |grep xen
root 37 2 0 janv.16 ? 00:00:00 [xenwatch] root 38 2 0 janv.16 ? 00:00:00 [xenbus] root 46 2 0 janv.16 ? 00:00:00 [xenbus_frontend] root 2443 1 0 janv.16 ? 00:00:00 /usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/xenstored --pid-file=/var/run/xenstore.pid root 2449 1 0 janv.16 ? 00:00:00 /usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/xenconsoled --pid-file=/var/run/xenconsoled.pid root 2456 1 0 janv.16 ? 00:00:00 /usr/bin/qemu-system-i386 -xen-domid 0 -xen-attach -name dom0 -nographic -M xenpv -daemonize -monitor /dev/null -serial <br>/dev/null -parallel /dev/null -pidfile /var/run/qemu-dom0.pid cylere 4898 4848 0 00:03 pts/9 00:00:00 grep --color=auto xen cylere@lalla:~$ openxenmanager
http://lalla:80 http://lalla:80

I got in a popup : <ProtocolError for lalla:80/RPC2: 404 Not Found>

  • Is my server launched ?
  • what parameters I've to transmit ?
  • Am I wrong in my installation ?
  • what is missing ?
  • is documentation somewhere ?



OpenXenManager (latest version on https://github.com/OpenXenManager/openxenmanager) is meant to be used with the Citrix XAPI stack. However, XAPI (and it's open implementation XCP-XAPI) are no longer supported on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS upward. The open source version of xen comes with the so-called "xl" stack, the official successor to "xm".

However, if you just want to use a graphical front end, try the virt-manager package:

apt-get install virt-manager libvirt0

You use new Xen hypervisor (>=4.1). You need change toolstack, xl to xm && restart xend.

1.Replace default xl toolstack to xm:

echo "TOOLSTACK=xm" > /etc/default/xen

2.Check xend config http params ( if not exist -> create .xsp config):

nano /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp
(xend-http-server yes)
(xend-port            80)

3.Restart xend:

 sudo /etc/init.d/xend restart

4.Check http port:

 netstat -antup|grep 80

P.S. Downgrade toolstack - this is a bad idea but xm (xend) depricated:


openxenmanager will not work with the newest 'box versions' of XL

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