I am running a NAS box with a smb share //

The share is available from all Windows and Android clients.

On Ubuntu PCs it can be accessed with file browsers like Nemo or Nautilus as smb://

However, on the Ubuntu (14.04) PCs the share cannot be mounted from fstab. The fstab line is

//  /mnt/readynas  cifs  username=validuser,password=validpassword  0 0

which on sudo mount -a returns:

mount: special device // does not exist

Clearly, the device does exist.

Any clues, hints or tips?


OK, solved it. I needed to add


to the mount options in the fstab line.

  • Could you please add a little bit more instructions so that the next newbie on the block (No, I'm not including you in that category) can do this all by him/her/itself as well? :-) – Fabby Jan 16 '15 at 9:08

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