just fresh install on new notebook ASUS X453M

it's often to hang on boot or restart ubuntu,

its only respond to force shutdown button

i must forceshutdown and boot many times to can login to dekstop


Change OS Selection to Windows 7 rather than 8.1 in BIOS

no matter u dual boot with 8.1

its work for me now


To can figure out what's happening (if it is a hardware of software issue), reboot and choose from grub menu the memtest entry, and see if your ram is healthy.

If yes, boot in recovery mode, and see if the freezing occurs. If not, check the log file called /var/log/dmesg and /var/log/dmesg.0. If you have possibility, save it somewhere and share it with us.

If the recovery mode also freezes, boot from a live media, and check what's happening. If that one is freezing also, you have a hardware failure (HDD or even mainboard can be faulty).

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