So I have ubuntu 14.04 host with virtualbox installed. A windows 7 guest os on top of that. When I add a device filter for a specific device it works perfectly.

What I want to do is add a generic USB device filter that enables me to plug in a usb-stick and it wil be automatically available in the guest.

I have added the "all usb filter" (withouth specific info) but this does not work..

Does anybody have any idea why this would be happening?


While it's not stated directly in VirtualBox docs, filters with all criteria empty are ignored.

Possible Workaround

To achieve behavior close to wanted you can create multiple filters - one for each USB port. But even this approach not gives exactly the same result - ports are not real USB connectors of your moherboard, but USB controller/hub ports.

To determine port number for each of USB socket insert some USB device and find it's port with command:

VBoxManage list usbhost

Also make sure your user is in vboxusers system group (remember logoff-logon after adding to user to group).

More about creating USB filters in VirtualBox manual:


  • Ah that explains a lot! I think I got it working. The hard part was figuring out what port number to enter in that field. Thnx!! – Daanvl Jan 15 '15 at 17:28

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