Please advice me some layout for Xubuntu 14.04 so that I could type Devanagari (Sanskrit) and particularly letter "tra". I have tried everything, as it seems to me, and can't find it.

Also, if you could advice me some guide of how to type joined consonants and vowels of Sanskrit, would be of a great help to me. I have found only one chart for old Bolnagri, which does not work for my current Xubuntu 14.


Typing of Hindi joint letter "tra" (First Letter of Ta + Ra):

  1. First type letter Ta (First letter Ta)
  2. Press NumLock Key.
  3. Then Alt+0170
  4. Now you will get Hindi "Tra" joint letter.

I'm really not sure if this helps, but if you install the ibus-m17n package and relogin, additional Sanskrit input method options will be available.

  • Thanks for your answer. I had installed IBus, but apparently my system doesn't see it. I have set Harward-Kyoto and IAST on Ibus, but when I swith between languges with Ctrl+Space I still have only US and RU which were set earlier. Do you have any Idea what am I doing wrong? – Sasha Kud Jan 18 '15 at 6:13
  • @SashaKud: No, I can't tell what's wrong. But please note that ibus and ibus-m17n are different packages. The latter is an input engine with several scripts, including a few Sanskrit. You may want to try it. – Gunnar Hjalmarsson Jan 18 '15 at 14:45

To type tra (त्र) you have to type त+्+र on the keyboard. If you are using the Inscript layout, then you have to shift on the devanagari input and type l+d+j. The d (्) acts as a viraama and removes the "a" (scwha) and joins the following consonant with the previous one. The key is indicated with orange in the screenshot below.

You can see the keyboard layout if you have selected "Show current input source in the menu bar" in the System Settings > Text Entry settings.

Devavagari keyboard layout chart Text Entry settings dialog

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