On my laptop I've attached USB mouse and keyboard. They work well when I start the computer. The problem is that after some time they stop working. Laptop's touchpad and keyboard have no problems but the other devices work normally only after restart of the laptop. If I unplug USB mouse and keyboard and plug them in again nothing happens. The other USB Devices work properly.

Is there a way to fix this problem permanently or a way to fix it every time when it occurs without restarting?

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    There are a few problems in order to reproduce this kind of error one would need the same setup as you. To help solve this problem I suggest first trying the following and posting the results. Type Ctrl + Alt + T (to open a terminal) then run tail -f /var/log/dmesg See if you get any extra information when the keyboard stops working. – user368271 Jan 13 '15 at 9:23

My experience, for what it is worth.

I had a similar problem with a Dell e6420 laptop, purchased used with Windows 7, and Ubuntu 14.04 added after the fact by me. The touchpad was turned off, and a Logitech wireless mouse with 'Unifying receiver' used. The primary application is as a Minecraft gaming machine.

After apparently random periods of time these symptoms would appear: the mouse pointer would move, but the mouse buttons and keyboard enter key would stop working. The only consistent work-around I found was a power reset. The quite extensive embedded Dell diagnostics reported no hardware issues.

I noticed that these symptoms primarily occurred with a userid set up with restrictive permissions, and configured to auto-login on boot. Using the "Users and Groups" administrative application (sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools) I selected the offending account, hit the "Advanced" button, selected the "Permissions" tab and ensured that all check boxes were ticked (In my case, I added ticks to the only three that were not previously selected: tape drives, floppy drives and send and receive faxes. To my mind, the three have no apparent link to mice or keyboards).

With this as the only change, after a reboot the symptoms disappeared.

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it's because battery save. it's better to install tlp


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