I'm having trouble converting, with the following output only a single input file can be specified. Anyone know where the issue is?

NAMEZs-air:~ NAMEZ$ hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o /Users/NAMEZ/Downloads/ubuntu.img /Users/NAMEZ/Downloads/ubuntu.iso
– hdiutil: convert: only a single input file can be specified
Usage: hdiutil convert -format -o [options] hdiutil convert -help –

*** ANSWERED this is the correct code for converting from ISO to IMG hdiutil convert -format UDRW /Users/NAMEZ/Downloads/ubuntu.iso -o /Users/NAMEZ/Downloads/ubuntu.img

  • The flag -o seems to mean "output" so can you try the same command with this flag between the route to the source and the destination? Somethint like hdiutil convert -format UDRW /Users/NAMEZ/Downloads/ubuntu.img -o /Users/NAMEZ/Downloads/ubuntu.iso – animaletdesequia Jan 11 '15 at 2:41
  • hm, but the output is meant to be the .img? I'm trying to use the Ubuntu instructions here ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx – Ana Jan 11 '15 at 14:12
  • 1
    ok, I moved the -o and put the iso first, the img second and it worked! thanks. – Ana Jan 11 '15 at 14:14
  • Yes, you were right, I tought the conversion was the other way around. Glad it worked anyway! – animaletdesequia Jan 11 '15 at 21:53

muito bom so coloca o arquivo origem na frete hdiutil converter -format UDRW /Users/NAMEZ/Downloads/ubuntu.iso -o /Users/NAMEZ/Downloads/ubuntu.img funciono no MAC OSX

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  • Please write answers in English. – janos Jan 6 '17 at 16:34

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