I want rsync the / folder with a btrfs snapshot. How to avoid a potential crash? Should I exclude some folders such as /proc?


If you are looking for a simple rsync command to backup your full filesystem, consider using these options:

# -a --archive
# -v --verbose
# -A --acls
# -X --xattrs
# -x --one-file-system
# --numeric-ids

The -aAX options preserve permissions, mode, owner, group, mtime, ACLs and xattrs. The -v option prints all files being transferred. The --numeric-ids option may be relevant if you sync to a remote location rather than a local disk.

To answer your initial question, you are likely interested in the -x option (--one-file-system). This prevents rsync from descending in other mount points such as /proc and /sys. Note however, that it will also avoid copying /home if that is on a different mount point. In that case you need to run another rsync command for /home/.

  • thanks, this is exactly what I needed! sorry for the long wait. – Dan Jan 11 '15 at 21:18

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