I've been using Synapse for a while now. The earlier bug regrading the lacking ability to remember recurrent launches was fixed.

I've been launching the same documents I am working on at the moment for the past months and there was no issue. But today, for some mysterious reason, Synapse doesn't remember any of these, nor can it find them in its search. I had to browse and launch them myself! (How medieval is that! :) )

So, did something happen? Can I find out what and why? And most importantly: can it be fixed?

NB: problem also posted on Launchpad.


I see Michal Hruby provided a solution to this problem here bug 705944 at Launchpad

First stop zeitgeist

zeitgeist-daemon --quit

Then go in the zeitgeist local directory

cd ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/

and remove the fts.index file

rm -rvf fts.index/

Finally restart zeitgeist

zeitgeist-daemon &

At which point zeitgiest will start to rebuild the index it may take a while depending on how many files and folders you have requested to be indexed.

Hope this helps.

  • Ha yes, I got an answer from Launchpad too. It worked :) – Benjamin Aug 15 '11 at 18:41
  • I seem to have to do that on a regular basis (4 times since this answer's been given :| ) – Benjamin Jan 8 '12 at 17:33

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