I lost my zfs pool while migrating from 12.04 to 14.04.

> sudo zpool status
pool: srv
state: UNAVAIL
status: One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing 
or invalid.  There are insufficient replicas for the pool to continue
action: Destroy and re-create the pool from
a backup source.
see: http://zfsonlinux.org/msg/ZFS-8000-5E
scan: none requested

NAME                                               STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
srv                                                UNAVAIL      0     0     0  insufficient replicas
  raidz1-0                                         UNAVAIL      0     0     0  insufficient replicas
    scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_HD103SJS246J9BZ600265-part1  UNAVAIL      0     0     0
    scsi-SATA_SAMSUNG_HD501LJS0MUJ2MP805571-part1  UNAVAIL      0     0     0
    scsi-SATA_Maxtor_6H500F0_H80H5RYH-part1        UNAVAIL      0     0     0
> sudo zpool export srv
> sudo zpool import -d /dev/disk/by-id/ srv -f
cannot import 'srv': I/O error
Destroy and re-create the pool from
a backup source.
> sudo zpool import -d /dev
pool: srv
 id: 8340478577715532614
 state: FAULTED
 status: One or more devices contains corrupted data.
 action: The pool cannot be imported due to damaged devices or data.
 The pool may be active on another system, but can be imported using
 the '-f' flag.
 see: http://zfsonlinux.org/msg/ZFS-8000-5E

srv         FAULTED  corrupted data
  raidz1-0  ONLINE
    sdb1    ONLINE
    sdc     UNAVAIL  corrupted data
    sdd     UNAVAIL  corrupted data

I'm not sure what to do now. Is it possible to fix it somehow? Is it because it zpool is trying to use whole disks vs first partition?


To import any type of ZFS pool to a system use:

sudo zfs import srv

it may fail which in that case you should use the -f option:

sudo zfs import -f srv

No need to tell ZFS the device name, just the pool name.

Pools are automatically discovered and imported if enough data is present on the disks.

I do not think you lost your data, it might be that the kernel module for ZFS needs to be updated.

I would recommend that you remove and install ZFS again from the ZFS on Linux repositories.

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