Where else can I find files that are showing up in my trash can?

Ubuntu 12.04, Headless, VNC, Gnome-fallback.

I have a stubborn trash can that I suspect is from deleting files from command that belonged to me, but was deleted as root. I think the deleted files were from another drive, but I'm not sure. I delete stuff as root all the time and it doesn't show up in my trash, but something is different with this scenario.

The common answer is:

sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/*

But this command does not work. My user and the root user do not have any files or folders in the .local/share/Trash folder, yet my user trash can has big files that I cannot find on the system to delete.


  • Not sure if this will help, but I remembered that the deleted folders were on a NAS, a Drobo5N to be exact. They are somehow showing up in my desktop trash can now. – Don Schaefer Jan 6 '15 at 21:15

If they show up in the Trash section they must be somewhere, I suggest you to run:

$ sudo find / -iname "*name_of_one_of_those_big_files*"

And wait to see if it shows anything.

  • Thank you so much. They were under /media/drobo/.Trash-1000/ Deleting these files freed up about 40 GB. – Don Schaefer Jan 6 '15 at 21:28
  • I tried to increment your response as the correct answer, but I don't have enough points to do so yet. – Don Schaefer Jan 6 '15 at 21:30
  • @DonSchaefer as the original poster of the question, you can accept an answer by clicking on the grey tick icon next to it. – muru Jan 7 '15 at 3:18

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