input string

prashant@prashant:~/Desktop$ xyz /123/ {print } abc.txt

after using awk command to strip on above input string I should get below

output string

xyz /123/ {print } abc.txt


awk -F'$' '{print $2}' <<<"$str"

or if you don't want a space from the beginning try:

awk -F'xyz' '{print FS $2}' <<<"$str"

where the input string is stored in str variable as following:

str="prashant@prashant:~/Desktop$ xyz /123/ {print } abc.txt"


  • The -F'$' defines the Field Separator to $
  • The print $2 prints the second filed $2 with $ as field separator between them.
  • The FS in second command will prints the entry of Field Separator which is defined to xyz.
  • Also I want to know getting the required output using regular expression substitution.ie using like awk '{sub(/prashant/\@prashant/\:\~/\/Desktop\/$/,"");print}' abc.txt. I am using this command but getting regular expression error – prashantb j Jan 7 '15 at 13:33
  • @prashantbj Glad it worked. For that try awk '{sub(/prashant\@prashant\:\~\/Desktop\$ /,"");print}' <<<"$str" and don't forget please mark the answer as accepted. thanks – αғsнιη Jan 7 '15 at 13:38

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