I recently purchased a used ubuntu 14.04 laptop. The previous owner didn't scrub their account and I want to reset the computer to set up my own account. I can't do this feature from the guest session, so I'm trying to reset the account password.

I followed the tutorial here and here (they're pretty much the same thing). Whenever I continue with normal resume, I enter my new password but it keeps returning to the login screen.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there a better way to reset the account and set up my own? What are my options?


Could either...

  • boot into single user mode (use boot / grub option single) or
  • boot into recovery mode (hold shift while booting, choose "root sell" - same as single user mode?)

Then change that user's password (as root) with passwd user

Or use live recovery

  1. Boot a live iso / cd / dvd / usb
  2. mount your / partition (to /mnt for example)
  3. sudo chroot /mnt
  4. passwd user

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