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I was having trouble with my ubuntu dual boot so I ran the boot repair usb and was able to boot normally once. I tried to boot again and a screen with minimal grub bash 1.99 came up. I tried the boot repair again and the same screen came up. Here is info from the boot repair. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9679354/

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This looks like a Wubi install, and likely you had NTFS filesystem corruption, perhaps due to a hard shutdown? or some other crash. In any event, running boot-repair on Wubi installs is not a good idea... because it's not written by someone familiar with how Wubi works.

What you should do on a Wubi install is first run chkdsk from Windows, because the host filesystem is often what is corrupted, and only then, if necessary, fsck the root.disk.

But boot-repair will always offer to fsck the root.disk and this can result in a catastrophic loss. Right now it's reported a zero file size.

So, you should run chkdsk /r on the host drive and see if you have an intact \ubuntu\disks\root.disk. Otherwise it's probably damaged beyond repair.

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