Hi i'm trying to install the CSS add on to GMOD but for the life of me cant find the add on folder, Or the steam folder itself for that matter.

When I try load the folder via GMOD it comes up that the folder is :


But It Doesn't Exist according to my laptop i try to look for it but it cant get past:


and then .local is where it stops and i cant find it. Anywhere. I mean there are other .local files in different location but they all have different things in.

So i was just wondering what i was doing wrong and why i cant find the add on folder for garrys mod, i'm tired of seeing the fricking pink and black checkers on my screen.!


Any directory that starts with a . is a hidden directory.

From a file manager you want to select show hidden (either right click, or its in the top menu under view)

For example, if you open a terminal it opens up in your home directory.

If you type


This will show you what you normally would see on a file manager, but if you

 ls -a

You will see all the hidden dot files.

  • XD omg i feel dumb haha thank you soo much ive been trying to do this for like 7 hours X'D – Dylan Jerrythepenguin White Jan 5 '15 at 22:01
  • Don't feel dumb, you just learned something new. If this helped you, please mark it as accepted if you don't mind. – geoffmcc Jan 5 '15 at 22:08

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