I would like to know how to edit the queuing process for uget.

Some data:

  • uget version 1.10.5
  • Ubuntu version 14.04 LTS.

I would like to set it to just download 1 file at a time then start the next file in the queue after finishing.

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All you need to do is edit the category properties on the left sidebar.

It is listed as "Active Downloads".

You can also make multiple categories to have many default settings based on a lot of features.


Following answer applies to v2.2.1 (on Windows, but i assume its the same on Ubuntu)

Open the dialog 'Category Properties' via

Menu bar \ Category \ Properties

. Under 'Category Settings' tab (or page):

Active downloads: 1. (defaulting was 3, change to 1).

Now whenever you add items for download, it should queue them, instead of downloading automatically.

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