Due to a software malfunction in Ubuntu 12.04 I was unable to boot up my PC. I backed up the contents on PC hard drive onto an external HD. Then did a complete install upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04. I have downloaded the backup files back onto the PC HD.

I want to retrieve the notes I had created using Tomboy notes. I have located the Tomboy folder where the notes are filed. However when I click on a .note file I get an error message:

Could not display “2fa83646-81b5-47b9-a9a4-53f45e48199c.note. There is no application installed for “application/x-note type” files. Do you want to search for an application to open this file? "

I have searched synaptic to see whether there is an addin to no avail.

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You can always open notes with any text editor, like Gedit, Ubuntu's default. Just right-click on the .note file then select Open With Other Application... and find Gedit.

To get all your notes back and viewable on a fresh install of Ubuntu, you can install Tomboy and then place all the notes you backed up in .local/share/tomboy within your home directory. If you can't see the .local folder in the file manager, just hit Ctrl+H to show hidden files.

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