All - I have installed Ubuntu Server 14.04 and mounted an LVM drive under /media.

It seems though that the server is double accounting for space and reporting that / has run out of space.

Is there any way to tell Ubuntu not to do this so that reporting is more realistic as I believe it is stopping Plex starting now.

32M /etc 13M /home 4.0K /tmp 4.0K /mnt 374M /lib 9.3M /bin 4.0K /dev 12M /sbin 56K /root 4.3G /var 16K /lost+found 1.2T /media 4.0K /srv 99M /opt 0 /sys 2.1G /usr 62M /boot 1.2T /

System information as of Sat Jan 3 19:50:54 GMT 2015

System load: 1.96 Processes: 152
Usage of /: 100.0% of 68.63GB Users logged in: 1 Memory usage: 11% IP address for eth0: Swap usage: 0% IP address for virbr0:

=> / is using 100.0% of 68.63GB

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