I do not have a stable internet connection right now, so I am looking for a native Linux application capable of saving scrobbles while being offline in order to submit them later, at the same time capable of showing tracks I have not yet listened to. I know that this funcionality is present in Banshee, however it has a bug (I'm using Xubuntu 14.04) that does not allow me to do so...perhaps you know a few that do have such a function and can even point me to the specific portion of code that does exactly that?

  1. Clementine (sudo apt-get install clementine)

  2. Musique Player (sudo apt-get install musique)

  3. Amarok (sudo apt-get install amarok)

  4. Rythmbox (sudo apt-get install rhythmbox)

  5. VLC (sudo apt-get install VLC)

  6. Qmmp (sudo apt-get install qmmp)

  • Thanks for suggesting Qmmp! Did not know about this one; it has a nice GUI but I have yet to check the scrobbling functionality. – Massimo Suino Jan 3 '15 at 22:13

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