Resuming the computer from locked screen sometimes ends up distorting the display.

It happens randomly and restarting the computer is one workaround for it.

I tried this : ALT+F2 ,then type “unity”. Didn't solve the problem.

color distorted in ubuntu

The issue does not appear on screen shots. I took a picture with my mobile to get this.

I am using X.org X server - AMD/ATI display driver wrapper from xserver-xorg-video-ati.

Any idea why might be going wrong?

UPDATE: Changed the graphic driver to use proprietary driver. Hope it solves the problem. [It didn't]

UPDATE2: Found another work around. Suspend the computer and then resume it. Works fine after that.

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    I just upgraded to 16.04 LTS and started receiving this problem. Very annoying even with the workaround. I hope someday it will be patched... – Artium Aug 26 '16 at 7:14

The easiest solution is to go to Systems > Screens (with the lock). Change the time to the screen lock at 1 minute. Then wait until the screen goes black.

Touch the mouse and normally it's ok.

Come back to the last menu to set the previous time to lock again.

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One workaround I found that works for me is to go to 'Displays' then change the resolution to something else (this will fix the colors) and then switch back to your original resolution.

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