I have WD 160 GB hard drive and i have formatted it to fat32 file system i want to merge all multiple FAT32 file system partition to make it one. how do i do it on ubuntu 12.04LTS. Would also like to know if FAT 32 is good for sharing data between windows and linux systems and how to shrink "extended" partition on external hard enter image description heredrive. Any help will be appreciated..


Due to the craziness with that partition table, I would recommend backing up any data you might have and then just deleting all partitions and making a new one. GPartEd can format the drive to be one 160GB FAT32 partition. If you want to keep that Linux Swap partition, create two partitions.

I don't think FAT32 is a good format for sharing data, because it has a hard file-size limit of 4GB. With larger file sizes (particularly video data files) becoming commonplace. You will run into this limit frequently. NTFS is now read/write supported on Linux, so you can use it, or even mount Ext3 partitions on Windows.

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