I have checked Google and the Wine Website. Google only gave old tips and Wine didn't say about running the game.

Is there a way I can play Garry's Mod through Wine on Linux? I don't want to download the steam version, because that means downloading all the libraries and the entire game again (and I have slow Internet). I have a fresh copy of Wine, no configurations except I set compatibility mode to Windows 98 and disabled dwrite.dll. Is there a way I can play the game through Wine?

If i join a server it crashes at Sending Client Info, and if i play singleplayer it crashes 1-2 seconds after playing a little bit.

It doesn't matter if I cant play Singleplayer. I only want to play Multiplayer. Things I've tried:

  1. -dxlevel 81
  2. Disabling all addons
  3. Setting compatibility mode to Windows 98
  4. Disabling dwrite.dll


Now it lags and crashes while playing for 3 seconds on multiplayer.


Wine does not work well with games, seeing as they are complexly written. Instead you should use PlayOnLinux, a better alternative that's also free.

  • I tried that. PlayOnLinux uses Wine as a base, so it still lags and crashes.
    – unknownA
    Jul 19 '15 at 7:26
  • Then you can't run Garry's Mod on ubuntu. Sorry. Jul 24 '15 at 13:22

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