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I'm new to Unity. I've just installed Ubuntu Desktop LTS 14.04.  In the top-left corner there's an Ubuntu icon, when I click on it it pops up a search input box saying:

Search your computer and online resources

I'd like to remove online resources. At the right-hand side I noticed a Filter results dropdown, where I removed all the unwanted sources and left only Applications. But when I enter the letters "ter" in the search box (for "terminal"), the categories I previously unselected pop back, and I see results like News, More suggestions (shopping), Reference and many others. (See the screenshot below.)

  • How can I opt out of searching in online resources?
  • What's name of this search thingy?
  • What's the keyboard shortcut to bring up this search box easily?

enter image description here

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The name of this search box is Dash.

To turn off online search Go to System Settings- Privacy - Search results. Mark 'When searching in Dash - Include online search results' as 'Off'.

Furthermore, on the Dash go to the second menu from the bottom left- Applications lens. On the Filter Results go to Sources and unselect Software Center.

To bring the search box press Super Key.


To bring up the Dash/search box use the Super Key/Windows key. If you ever forget a shortcut press and Hold the Super Key and you will see all Ubuntu's Keyboard shortcuts appear.

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