I am trying to ask a question about getting my WiFi to work but I don't know what information to add to my question to get help, what do I need?


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There are a few commands that should help us


This displays the status of the currently active interfaces. If a single interface argument is given, it displays the status of the given interface only; if a single -a argument is given, it displays the status of all interfaces, even those that are down.


Iwconfig is similar to ifconfig(8), but is dedicated to the wireless interfaces. It is used to set the parameters of the network interface which are specific to the wireless operation (for example : the frequency). Iwconfig may also be used to display those parameters, and the wireless statistics (extracted from /proc/net/wireless).

These commands give out a lot of info, sometimes 50+ lines together. To make it easier, you can use the following commands instead:

ifconfig | pastebinit
iwconfig | pastebinit

Will give out 2 links after you have run them both. Add them to the question instead of the output.

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