Is there a way I can monitor whether multiple ubuntu systems are powered up and online, and also set automatic shutdown times?

I'm very new to Linux and looked into nagios, but from what I can tell it comes with many features that I would not need and is also a paid service which I can't invest in for the time being.

  • You can monitor multiple ubuntu systems using system monitor.Second method is using saidar – Alina Bell Feb 26 at 12:00
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There's many ways to do this, for checking if the computers are on, you could use ping to see if the machine responds:

ping -c1 ipadress

or if you want it more convenient, make a script and add all of of them.

Since you said you are new to linux, i am assuming you don't know how to make a bash script. Just make a new text file (say you call it, with the following content:


# machine 1
ping -c1 ipadress &> /dev/null && echo "machine 1 is up" || echo "machine 1 is down"

# machine 2
ping -c1 ipadress &> /dev/null && echo "machine 2 is up" || echo "machine 2 is down"
# ..

The command there will ping the ip, and echo one of the 2 answers depending if up or down. You need to give it permissions to run with

chmod +x

then you can run it with


It should output something like

machine 1 is up
machine 2 is down

For shutting down the system the shutdown command itself supports a time already.

To shutdown at a specific time (using 24h time)

sudo shutdown -h 8:15

or after a certain amnount of time (say, in 10 minutes)

sudo shutdown -h +10

You could also add this command to the crontab to be repeated every day, in case it never changes. I believe there are also graphical shutdown timer apps in the software center, so if you prefer that try a search there.

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