I attached my laptop to my tv, and I wanna be able to change the output from laptop display to tv or tv to laptop, with one click ( and choose their resolutions)

and I do NOT like the FN+F5 shortcut , because I have to hit it 4 different times to make it go to the mode I want.

in older versions of Ubuntu there was a system tray to change the display output with a single click, I can't find that in ubuntu, I am using 14.10, I can't find same thing here anymore.


While I am not aware of any solution for this being part of Ubuntu, there is a thrid-party package called disper-indicator that you can use. While it hasn't been updated in a while, it still works fine :-)

  1. Download and install this package: http://ppa.launchpad.net/noobslab/indicators/ubuntu/pool/main/d/disper-indicator/disper-indicator_0.4.14~saucy~NoobsLab.com_all.deb (its for Ubuntu 13.10 but works in newer versions anyways)
  2. Open the Dash
  3. Enter disper and launch Disper Indicator
  4. Checkout the new indicator (especially the Monitor setup submenu) that should have been added to the panel:
    Disper Indicator screenshot

To make it launch on every login:

  1. Open the Dash
  2. Search for and launch the Startup Applications preferences window
  3. Click Add on the right-hand side of the dialog
  4. Enter a name (such as Disper Indicator) next to Name:
  5. Enter disper-indicator (make sure the casing matches!) next to Command:
  6. Finish by clicking Add in the dialog
    Startup Applications screenshot

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  • the tray icon wont show up for me, do I have to add it to whitelist? – Medya Feb 28 '15 at 22:05

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