I'm just trying to get "Glances" working as per the accepted post in this question: System Monitoring Tools For Ubuntu

But I can't install PySensors. The command sudo pip install PySensors throws an error

ValueError: /usr/bin/python: undefined symbol: libsensors_version

I have also tried downloading the source and building it from there, but I get (almost) the same error message:

ValueError: python: undefined symbol: libsensors_version

Note: glances seems to still work, but I'm assuming it's missing some info due to PySensors not being installed.


In my case LMSensor was missing. Running sudo apt-get install lm-sensorsthensudo pip install pysensors worked for me.


the latest Glances version do not use the PySensors lib but py3sensors.

To install a fresh Glances stack:

pip install psutil
pip install zeroconf
pip install netifaces
pip install bottle
pip install batinfo
pip install https://bitbucket.org/gleb_zhulik/py3sensors/get/tip.tar.gz
pip install matplotlib

Note 1: psutil need Python dev (apt-get install python-dev)

Note 2: matplotlib needs another deps (apt-get build-dep python-matplotlib)

Note 3: py3sensors needs LMsensor (apt-get install lm-sensors)


pip install --upgrade glances


pip install glances


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