I am new to linux and programming so any help is appreciated...

I have downloaded the Employees sample database from: MySql Sample Database It has given me a .tar.bz2 file type, When i open phpMyadmin and go to import database and select the file i get error code #1064 upon upload.

I am not sure on how to proceed, so how would i upload this file so i can use it in mysql on Xampp.


The instructions I linked in my comment may not make sense to a new Linux user. To explain:

shell> tar -xjf $HOME/Downloads/employees_db-full-1.0.6.tar.bz2
shell> cd employees_db/

are two command-line instructions to be issued in a Terminal shell to 1) unpack the .tar archive, and 2) change the shell working directory to that of the extracted archive contents. The shell> notation is only an indicator for whatever Terminal shell is being used. You'll see user@host:~$ for example when you open a Terminal session.

The instructions presume that you downloaded the archive to your user Downloads directory, as it references to $HOME/Downloads. If you've placed the archive in a different location, you will need to direct the first command to that location.

You would only need to edit the employees.sql file if your MySQL installation if not using the InnoDB storage engine, which is the default for standard installations of MySQL.

The last command - shell> mysql -t < employees.sql - tells the mysql process to import the data in the employees.sql file, creating a new database with the information the .sql file contains.

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