Is there any other way to sync my server close with external server. Some how NTP is not working in my Ubuntu server.

sudo ntpdate -u pool.ntp.org

no server suitable for synchronization found”  

I tried this also but NTP service did not give any response.

seq 0 3 |xargs --replace ntpdate -p 1 -d {}.pool.ntp.org |grep receive

May be My ISP provide blocking NTP servers, I found this answer in this post. ntpdate " no server suitable for synchronization found"

Now i want know is there any other way to sync my system clock with external server.

Please let me know if any one have solution of my problem.

  • check whether ntp is installed in your machine else install with the command sudo apt-get install ntp. After doing so proceed with the step which you have done before. – vembutech Dec 19 '14 at 6:46

As your profile isn't complete, I can't tell you what servers to use for your country.

However, a bunch of ISPs block NTP access outside of their realm, so do a google search in your native language of "NTP countryname" and use those first.

If that doesn't help, drop a comment @Fabby below.

  • And as you're a reputation 1 user: don't forget to click the grey check-mark under the "0" at the left of this text, therefore "accepting" the answer, which is better then saying "thank you" as your and my reputation will go up... – Fabby Dec 20 '14 at 0:17

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