I use SSH for managing linux servers. Sometimes I need to bind ports from the server to my client. I do this this way:

sudo ssh <serverUser>@<server> -L <localPort>:localhost:<serverPort>

Now sometimes I run into situations where I would like to bind several ports, like for instance port 80, port 443, port 8080, ...

Is that possible over SSH port binding?


I just tested multiple -L parameters on the same SSH command and it worked.

sudo ssh <serverUser>@<server> -L 80:localhost:80 -L 443:localhost:443


Ok, I was looking for quite some time for this and now, 5 minutes after posting the question here, one possibility pops to my head.

Open multiple terminals and bin the different needed ports one after one to the same server.

For instance:

On terminal 1: sudo ssh <serverUser>@<server> -L 80:localhost:80

On terminal 2: sudo ssh <serverUser>@<server> -L 443:localhost:443

On terminal 3: sudo ssh <serverUser>@<server> -L 8080:localhost:8080

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