First time question--
My Asus G750JW laptop with a 765m gpu seems to work fine. Running Ubuntustudio 14.04.

My Asus Q551 notebook with a 840m locks or freezes soon after log-in. The Q551 has Ubuntu 14.04 (Lightdm/unity) with Ubuntustudio features installed later. I have tried Nvidia drivers from Ubuntu, Xorg-Edgers and Nvidia propriatary repositories, all freezing. The on-board Intel seems to work fine. But Lightworks software requires Nvidia features. I have purged and reinstalled Nvidia drivers to no avail. (331 to present) I should be using 340.xx. No black screen as some have reported.

Many suggestions out there, but they haven't worked so far. My question-- does anyone here have a good work around for this issue?

  • If you come to a dead end troubleshooting your nvidia card in Ubuntu (as I did), I suggest that you try LinuxMint, it's a distribution that makes an extra effort to support nvidia cards out of the box, and it fixed the problem in my ASUS laptop. – jcarballo Apr 24 '19 at 16:25

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